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im | automating BV was founded as a subsidiary to concentrate on technical, cutting-edge engineering solutions beyond the leather industry. This company employs a large proportion of technically skilled workers.

Im | automating


Recently, im made the decision to split their activities between the international leather industry and the in-house engineered special machine building and industrial automation systems. As a result, im | automating BV was established.

The majority of the workforce in this company has technical training in disciplines including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and industrial automation.

im | automation has gained over a flexible layer of deployable technicians through this second company, making them more appealing as employers for young technicians. Our broad technical knowledge also offers many opportunities outside the leather sector. This has already led to various successes in other sectors, such as the plastics industry, food and logistics automation.

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In collaboration with AGV International BV, a robot has been developed since 2017 to assist with flower industry cold storage facilities.

Its construction was funded by a wholesaler in the flower industry, and the government added another subsidy as a result of the project’s innovative design. Order picking productivity enhances by almost 300% thanks to im | automating Rail Guided Vehicle (RGV) robot, which results in significant savings and a reduced dependency on (scarce) staff.

The technical challenge that im | automating overcomed for this project includes: Targets in terms of speed of handling in combination with safety.

Detecting incorrectly positioned flower containers to prevent damage to the product and the system. Scanning and detecting the work area to ensure employee safety and prevent unwanted damage to blooming flowers.

After agreeing to a service level agreement with the customer for 5 years, im | automating has started additional market research in order to be able to instal this standardised RGV in the Dutch floral standard machine at more businesses.


RGV Flower Industry

One Stop – Shop

im | automating did an amazing project in relation with RGV(rail guided vehicle) for flower industry.

The unique and innovating design has completely revolutionized the industry.

The project completed in partnership with AGV International.

im | automating was tasked with designing, engineering, and building 28 rail guided vehicles. And, in terms of design, safety, and efficiency, are continuously being delivered and improved.

The engineering department, run by Mr. Kees Houtepen, a Director of im | automating, handles the entire conceptualization and layout of the RGV. The RGV has countless potential applications, and im-automating is leading the way in the sector for cutting-edge innovation. In order to maintain the effectiveness and seamless operation of the system, we also provide services. Our equipment has received recognition for these efforts in the Logistic magazine (LOGISTICX) for the automation of the Hoek Group in Rijnsburg.


Machine building


The broad spectrum of activities consists of :

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