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im | innovating strives to offer the best possible solutions for your production machines and lines, using our state-of-the-art engineering department. Aside from the fact that im has 45 years of experience supplying machinery and technological solutions to the leather industry globally.

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im | innovating participates in a range of activities and offers consumers a wide range of support (one-stop shop principle). Turn-key solutions typically relieve customers of their burdens because they are fully aware of the process and actively contribute to its development. im | Innovating is highly trusted, thus the relationships and collaborations are quite long-term in nature.

Relationships frequently result in new business, and because im | innovating has a wide range of goods and services, it is able to seize new projects and sales prospects quickly. Over the years, this has developed further by offering pre-engineering, also increasingly internationally, which further limits dependence on Europe. It provides more insight at an earlier stage into the needs of new (and used) machines.

Tannery and leather processing machines (new & used machines)

  • im | Innovating has a long history of success in the leather industry. For the production of finished (upcycling) and finished leather, particularly the production of cow hides, a by-product of the meat and dairy sectors, im | Innovating can offer 20 to 25 processing steps.
  • im | innovating operates as a ‘reseller’ of the entire range of machines for the leather industry, both new and used.
  • The suppliers of these machines are Italian manufacturers, and we have had a long-standing “”partnership”” with them.
  • Sale of parts for the tannery and leather processing machines, for which a web shop is now also being developed.
  • Installing and maintaining leather processing machines and production lines, supplied by im | innovating have been sold.

Overhaul of machines (used machines)

  • This is an activity that can lead to additional capacity coverage of the engineers. (e.g. a project for the overhaul of a used machine).
  • When new machines are sold, it is frequently possible to return the old equipment in exchange for a discount. We may easily generate new sales prospects while strengthening the distinctiveness of our sales position with a competitive purchase price, technical knowledge for the overhaul, whether or not it is done internally depending on our capacity, and appropriate margins and returns.”

“The best solution is achieved through the highest degree of passion, expertise, dedication, transparency, flexibility and collaboration”

Marc Oomens

Director Marketing & Sales

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  • For clients with creative investment plans, a brand-new, fully original discipline called pre-engineering is employed.
  • With knowledge and experience in areas like new technologies, production flow, safety, and ergonomics, im | innovating assists the customer in order to speed up, make production operations safer, or increase efficiency (flow optimization). They also provide information about and record the specifications (utility specs) needed to construct buildings.
  • Kees has years of expertise pre-engineering new tanneries from his previous position at Ecco.
  • During this process, the cooperation with the customer grows and the trust and favor factor towards im | innovating, which gives a greater chance of machine sales.
  • The customer is 100% unburdened and professionally guided from the start of a new project.
  • As a result, there is a potential to further capitalise on the relationship by installing innovative machines at the customer’s location. This sets im | innovating apart from its rivals in a key way.
  • There are now orders for a Chanel factory in France, a large shoe factory located in China and Vietnam (including a supplier to Nike) and a new department for Hoffmans in Germany. In 2019, a new leather finish factory was completed in Dresden, which supplies BMW and Rolls Royce. This project started with a paid pre-engineering assignment with a turnover of EUR. 60 K, but has resulted in additional sales for new machines for 1.3 M.
Engineering- a machine created by im Innovating


Im Automating machine core

In addition, the same technical team of im | innovating has also entered into an exclusive partnership with Stahl for the development of a special machine. A new technology came, consisting of a chemical and machine-technical component, to be able to finish poorer skins into a beautiful end product. After two and a half years of development, starting in 2019, and the production of a prototype, this machine has now been successfully tested by a number of customers at Stahl in Waalwijk. The machine’s debut is only a matter of days away at this time (go-to-market). According to a plain contract, im | Innovating has the exclusive right to sell the machine all over the world.

Service & Maintenance

Our engineers actively manage the installation of both new and old equipment, as well as revisions, machine relocation, maintenance, and servicing. By focusing entirely on the international leather industry, where cross-selling occurs regularly, im | innovating achieves this. (im | automating) focuses on endeavours beyond the leather industry, especially those requiring logistics automation. The already ongoing maintenance contracts will likely need to be renewed, according to management.

“From a unique position, our team delivers technological and innovative solutions that will make a difference for the customer”

the best materials within the customer's budget

the best tools on the market

quick, efficient and effective technical solutions

Turn-key projects

im | innovating is taking on larger projects as a result of our professionalism and commitment to the client.

Instead of just buying a single machine, you have the option to buy a whole package, in which case we will handle the shipment, positioning, outlining, and installation of your equipment. Turn the key to start! You might be able to save the most time and money by having a single point of contact for all jobs. No longer do suppliers, forwarders, engineers, or maintenance contacts have different contact times.

We carry out turn-key projects, whether they are for Australia, Europe, or the Netherlands.

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