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For sale im Innovating Carlessi Toggle Dry
  • The in-depth expertise and synergy of im | innovating and im | automating , combined with the service of the best manufacturers, makes it possible not only to supply machines and parts, but also to put together complete production lines, entire departments and even complete tanneries.

  • In addition to this service in new machines and parts , im | innovating also second-hand machines, in used condition, in checked condition, and in completely overhauled condition, often directly available from our stock in Dongen, the Netherlands.

  • In order to complete the line of activities, im | innovating also suplly spare parts, maintenance and service, including relocation service for machines, production lines and complete tanneries, including the associated project management and transport.

  • By offering this total package of delivery, maintenance and secondary sales, im | innovating in a unique niche in the tannery and related industries, which is seen as very valuable by leading companies in this market. Thanks to the industrial approach and working from the client’s perspective, im | innovating more and more involved in ever larger projects.

  • Give us the opportunity to introduce our company, our people, and our way of working to one of your projects, and experience for yourself how we can fully serve you with our more than 35 years of experience in the implementation of your projects.

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The forthcoming Auction of more than 75 tannery machines will be announced. Which is scheduled for October.

Welcome to IM-Innovating, a versatile company ready to support you in all technical and mechanical aspects of your  tannery.

Our skilled engineers offer maintenance, parts replacement, and detailed machine reports to guarantee the finest leather quality. With customer service as our top priority, rest assured, we'll take care of your machines while you enjoy your holiday.

Visit us at All China Leather Exhibition at Booth Number: E2-B21b-IT

The forthcoming Auction of more than 50 tannery machines will be announced. which is scheduled for October.

Supplied fully reconditioned Flamar BA21 Maxi 1800mm to Tata International in India in 2022

Supplied fully reconditioned Flamar BA21 Maxi 1800mm to Tata International in India in 2022

Barnini sprayline Slovtan

im | innovating supplied a brand new Barnini TU ROT-S 3400 double spray line with new model of cabinet and direct gas heating drying tunnels.

RGV Flower Industry

im | automating did an amazing project in relation with RGV(rail guided vehicle) for flower industry.

Alpe Predator Heller

im | innovating supplied a brand new AlpeSpak Predator splitting machine, included automatic feed-in system and GER thickness measuring to our customer Heller Leder GmbH, Germany.