RGV Flower Industry


im | automating did an amazing project in relation with RGV(rail guided vehicle) for flower industry.

The unique and innovating design has completely revolutionized the industry. The project is completed in partnership with AGV International.

im | automating was given an order to design/engineer and build 28 rail guided vehicles.

Which are being delivered and improved in every aspect with time from design, safety to efficiency. The whole design and layout of the RGV are the brain child of our engineering department, supervised by Mr. Kees Houtepen (ask permission) one of our Director of im | automating. The possibility for the implementation of the RGV is endless and im-automating is leading the market with cutting edge innovation. We also provide services (service level agreements) to run the system smooth and updating constantly to increase efficiency. For these efforts our machines were recently mention in the Logistic magazine (LOGISTICX) for the automation of Hoek Group in Rijnsburg.